Health Hacks

January or Veganuary; if you switched bacon for bananas.

The time of year when we notice the extra wobble on our waistline.

February. The January blues behind us, full of V.Day chocolates we emerge; ready to shed the heavy and find our inner beach babe in time for summer.

Having enjoyed the festive season guilt free, Nutrition Nailed are sharing our 10 simple Health Hacks to help you lovely humans loose that extra pinch…

1. First up… did you know that dinner plates have got bigger since the 60’s. Shocking we know!

The size of your plate affects how much you eat and how full you feel.

We suggest that you get rid of your large plates (Greek style could be fun) or just swap big plates for smaller ones. Easy.

2. Crisps. Those tasty little devils. We do not suggest you banish them from your life. That would be silly.

Instead try pouring them from the family bag into a bowl. Probably a small one… see above.

Once they are gone. They are gone.

3. It’s easy to devour donuts whilst binge watching boxsets. We have all been there.

Thinking about what you are eating reduces how much you eat. True story.

Nutrition Nailed suggests you swap the telly for the table.

4. Sleep. There is a link between less sleep and more weight.

From kids, to work, to boxsets...

There are loads of reasons we don’t get enough sleep. Head out of the gutter please!

Poor sleep (less than 7 hours) leads to poor food decisions (and probably life decisions).

Go get more beauty sleep. You are welcome.

5. Stop blending. Seriously, put the juicer down.

Yes, you eat more nutrients but you also eat more food. If you can’t eat that much whole fruit/veg Barbra; you probably shouldn’t be.

Swap the orange juice for well, an actual orange.

6. Change fizzy drinks for coffee. Seriously.

Coffee has less sugar and calories (unless its one of those syrupy fancy ones).

Coffee actually helps us lose weight. It speeds up your metabolism by up to 11%. We’ll take that.

7. Ok we are back to crisps. You could try swapping them for popcorn. We are serious.

Popcorn has less calories. We promise this is the last time we will mention crisps...


8. Mix up your mash. Instead of potato; yawn. Why not try swede or carrot.

This Sunday lunch side is often overlooked during the week. It is a tasty, easy way to hit your five a day.

9. This next one is eggstreamly easy. See what we did there.

Don’t worry we’re nearly done.

Frying eggs is frankly old news. Sorry if we are teaching you to suck eggs but why not try boiling or poaching for a simple, healthy swap.

10. The grand finale. The take away message.

Cook instead of eating out.

You get to save money and loose weight.

Fresh food is always going to be the healthier option.

Ultimately, losing weight and eating healthy does not need to be difficult. You will barely notice these small changes but your wallet and waistline will.

You can use those extra pennies for fun things like... singing lessons. Just a thought.

Mike drop.


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