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Dr Loren Cordain was the pioneer of this now very popular diet.

On a basic level he wrote a book advising readers to avoid grains and eat more meat.

Such a diverse approach obviously divided opinion.

Like marmite; people either embraced its ideology or reputed it.


The Paleo ethos can be summarised as follows:

Avoid grains, dairy, most starches and some fruit.

In a nutshell;l any food that was not available before modern farming and cooking techniques.

Including products that are refined or artificial in flavour or colouring.


On the face of it a diet advocating whole foods can be nothing but a positive thing surely?

Playing devils advocate however, there is nothing Neanderthal about buying meat from a supermarket or eating vegetables that have been scientifically modified.

Similar to many other diets; it has ‘rules’ excluding certain foods based on its ideology.

Grains, beans and diary for example, are restricted despite their nutritious value.

The problem as we see it is that; eliminating foods without good reason can actually lead to food intolerances instead of alleviating them.

Strict dieting rules are unnecessary and CAN (not always) lead to unhealthy relationships with food.


Due to its restrictive practices, followers of the Paleo diet ultimately end up eating foods that are highly nutritious. They eat low calorie fruit, unprocessed meat and fish and lots of vegetables.

The recommended restrictions mean it is unlikely followers will overeat as many trigger foods such as sweets are restricted.


Any diet based on restriction is a recipe for disaster.

If we told you not to push the red button, would you?

Cutting out foods that you enjoy will set you up for failure long term.


N\N do not believe a diet should be restrictive. There is no reason to cut out any food you enjoy; unless medical. To do so will ultimately lead to failure.

At the end of the day, everyone should feel entitled to eat birthday cake guilt free at least once a year.

Instead we recommend you focus on eating whole food. This means non-processed / organic and free-range.

Do not eat over your daily required calories. If you do regardless of what diet your following PALEO/ ATKINS/ WEIGHT WATCHERS, you will put on weight. FACT.

The healthy approach is to make veg your focus. Eat those first. Then have an appropriate amount (based on your goals) of protein (meat/fish) and non-starchy carbs to accompany.

The N\N approach is not exclusive. It is controlled.

It is not a ‘diet’ but a healthy and considered way of living.

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