Learn to Nail your Nutrition and Nourish your life. 

Our Academy teaches you to overcome body fixations and food fears.

This 6-week program with Leah transforms your mindset through key principles that re-establish a positive relationship between your mind.and meals.

We do not believe in impossible goals and the latest food.fads. Instead we use science and psychology to remove you from the diet merry-go-round.. 

Across our 6-week journey, we will lay foundations that help you to develop a happier and healthier relationship with exercise, food and your body.


We.focus on eating for fuel as well as pleasure; . finding the fun in exercise, and creating a healthier sense of self..


Getting a rich, full understanding of the science , of nutrition allows for both physical and mental transformation. .


You will leave the N\N academy FREE.

Free from food guilt. Free to enjoy and celebrate your uniqueness and ready to share your knowledge and free others. 


Are you ready to invest time in yourself, challenging your relationship with food, exercise and your body?

If you:

→  Feel you have a negative relationship with food and want to break the cycle;

→  Eat emotionally creating a potentially toxic relationship with food; or

→  Find you're struggling with body image; obsessively trying new diets.

This is the course for you.

The N\N Academy was a real pleasure and such a great thing to do. It went into so much detail and really changed how I viewed myself and how I eat

Beth - 2018 Academy 

aboutthe N\N Academy

Each week introduces a new topic, giving you the opportunity to absorb and apply its principles into your own life. 


As the course progresses, we introduce tasks encouraging a change in mindset away from traditional diet-centric approaches; towards a focus on health and wellbeing


Throughout the academy you will learn and share your experience alongside a like-minded community. You will have access to the N\N app where you can track your results. The weekly content is delivered straight into your Inbox, allowing for flexibility and providing a permanent resource



Week 1: Diet detox 

We start by purging the dieting BS. We detox your social media and fill your cup up with knowledge based on facts not fiction.

Week 2: For the Fear of Food 

This week we challenge our inner critic and learn how to love food again. We focus on being kind to ourselves and bringing back our confidence. 

Week 3: Environment is Everything 


In week 3, we learn techniques on how to create a positive food environment. We also look at wider lifestyle factors that can impact on our nutritional health. 

Week 4: Emotional Eating

A tale as old as time. You have a bad day and before you've had time to process; you face plant into a bowl of crisps and hummus, whilst swilling it down with a glass of wine. 

Well ladies, this week we are removing the crisps and cramming you full of helpful coping strategies. 

Week 5: Acceptance & Exercise

Acceptance is key to health and happiness. Here we celebrate our uniqueness. We explore genetics and how to make the most of our body type.  

Week 6: Freedom

Body freedom. Our final week explores the power of macronutrients and the most effective methods of fuelling your body. Most importantly however, we look at how to create your own food, exercise and body programme. The tools you can use, for life. 


Sound good? 

Take a deep breath, remind yourself that you are in control and get yourself signed up. 

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