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Leah Mendenko 

Nutrition & Life Coach 

Leah used to work as an insurance Lawyer... yawn. 

After having children she struggled to lose weight. 

Following many unsuccessful diets she decided to take matters into her own hands. 


Upon qualifying in Nutrition from the BTN Academy some two years later she was a lady on a mission.

What began as a hobby ignited a fire in her belly. Nutrition Nailed was born.


Leah knew that body confidence was not just physical. In order to strengthen her message she trained as a life coach

Leah vowed to put an end to the dieting myths that had dominated most of her adulthood. She wanted to EMPOWER WOMEN all over the world to do the same. 

Not only did she want to encourage women to love their bodies and invest in their health; she wanted them to feel complete. Happy both mentally and physically. 

She created the N\N community. A place for women to feel safe, supported and empowered

Dr Hannah

Dr Hannah Terefenko. 

Dr Hannah is a GP for the NHS. She is also a parter at N\N. 

Hannah advises on health, wellbeing and nutrition. 

From SKINCARE to DIABETES Dr Hannah has it covered. 

As a mother of two she knows the importance of taking time out to invest in your own health and wellbeing. 

She advocates all women do the same.


As well as a wealth of medical and nutritional knowledge, Dr Hannah brings what we like to call her secret superpower: she is great at understanding what makes people tick.


She is known for being inspirational, enthusiastic and ultimately knowing her stuff.


She is the best friend you never knew you needed! 

Nurse Jenni

Jenni Chapman

Pre-Post Natal Nutrition

Ok. This is Nurse Jenni. She joined the team having previously been a member of our N\N community. She works as a Health Visitor for the NHS and specialises in childhood and postnatal nutrition. 

Tackling subjects such as, how to control weight gain in pregnancy, through to dealing with 'fussy eaters'. Nurse Jenni covers it all and provides the N\N community with useful insights such as avoiding CHILDHOOD OBESITY and mastering the art of WEANING. 

She loves a bit of Crossfit. 


She is known for making everyone smile with her sunny personality. 


When she first started at N\N, we wondered how we got so lucky. 


Looks like we did something right to bring her on board

Creative Genius 

Lauren Perry

Graphic Designer


This is Lauren. Lauren is our creative director. She is responsible for making CREATIVE MAGIC. And here are 5 facts that not many people know about her:


  • Lauren has a little girl called Phyllis and a cat called Cobweb

  • She is renowned for her amazing vegan pancakes

  • Lauren loves nothing more than spending time in nature; she is often found camping in the wild with her family

  • She has the most infectious smile

  • She has a wicked sense of humour and has us regularly in stitches 


She is one of a kind. A free spirit. We are lucky to have her. She is the ‘big sister’ of the Nutrition Nailed team. 

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