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Any sport that increases strength and fitness whilst helping improve everyday functional movement - gets the N\N seal of approval.

Guys we don’t need to tell you that CrossFit is an awesome way to burn fat and build muscle. The fact you’re on this page suggests you’re in the know.


If this is news. Immediately find your nearest ‘box’ (that’s gym) and prepare to have your mind



A full-body workout in under an hour is a firm YES from us.

With that in mind we have collaborated with the guys over at CrossFit Clitheroe (CC) to give members exclusive access to discounted nutritional advice.


You heard it here first folks!


N\N are working with CC to ensure that members have all their nutritional bases covered!


Yes, we are fuelling the machine!

Crikey. This sounds awesome.

What do I need to do to get started?

Great question...


First up;

Complete ‘CrossFit – Nailed It!’

This package is your nutrition induction kit. 


This gets you READY and SET.


You have a meeting with N\N. We set your goals and give you all the info needed to get you started.

Once completed you gain exclusive access to the CrossFit subscription service.

This provides you with ongoing support and advice; enabling you to reach your goals. 


Everything is made as simple as possible; as we all have better things to do. Right?

Like focusing on the next comp. Sooo....



Let’s Nail this!

© 2019 Nutrition Nailed



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